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By using the Epp Maria Gallery webpage (incl. Epp Maria Gallery Webshop), you accept these terms and conditions of use and agree to act accordingly. The following are terms of a legal agreement between you and OÜ Eppmaria.

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Webpage www.eppmaria.ee is administrated by and sales agreements are concluded by OÜ Eppmaria (Registry code 10936211), which is registered in Estonia with main business location and legal address at 2 Kalda, 90503 Haapsalu, Estonia. OÜ Eppmaria can be contacted in regard questions related to the webpage at customer support of OÜ Eppmaria by phone +372 56 97 127 (Wed-Sun from 12 to 16) or via e-mail klienditugi@eppmaria.ee.

OÜ Eppmaria makes efforts to check the correctness of the information provided on www.eppmaria.ee, but does not warrant or take any liability in regard its correctness.
In case www.eppmaria.ee has links to other webpages the linked webpages are not controlled by OÜ Eppmaria and OÜ Eppmaria is not responsible for the contents of any linked webpage and their terms and conditions to not apply to OÜ Eppmaria. By submitting the link OÜ Eppmaria does not take any liability regarding or arising from the linked webpages.

Images of paintings, but also all photos, graphics, texts, sounds, animations, videos, design and layout of the webpage and other intellectual property on www.eppmaria.ee is protected under the the laws of Estonia and bilateral or international conventions and treaties. Both the structure and contents of the webpage including translations and files saved in electronic form or printouts are under protection. Use of any material or information which are made available through www.eppmaria.ee in any manner that infringes copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or any other proprietary right of whoever is prohibited.
Both moral and economic copyrights of the artists may be exercised only in case of written consent from OÜ Eppmaria and the respective artist(s). Written consent is also necessary when the respective work has been archived and is no longer visible at the public webpage www.eppmaria.ee. To receive the written consent and / or specify the exact terms of use please contact OÜ Eppmaria via email galerii@eppmaria.ee.

OÜ Eppmaria has the right to collect and process and you agree and give your consent to such monitoring and collection of usage statistics and other information related to usage of www.eppmaria.ee.
Questions related to personal data are regulated in Epp Maria Gallery Webpage Privacy Statement that you accept by using the Epp Maria Gallery webpage www.eppmaria.ee and upon concluding sales agreement with us.
Epp Maria Gallery Webpage Privacy Statement provides among other things also the purposes of collection of personal data, categories of personal data processed, and procedure for and manner of processing personal data. You hereby give your consent to OÜ Eppmaria to process and collect the data specified in Epp Maria Gallery Webpage Privacy Statement for the purposes provided therein. You are asked to give and you give the consent to OÜ Eppmaria to process, collect, record, save, store and analyse all data (incl. personal data) referred in the Epp Maria Gallery Webpage Privacy Statement for the purposes referred therein also upon conclusion of sales agreement through payment.
OÜ Eppmaria may authorise another person acting at the location of Eppmaria OÜ to collect and process the mentioned personal data and also to fulfil the tasks related to performance of the contract(s) or part of such processes and activities. Such entity shall be obligated to keep the data confidential and to use this data only for the purposes provided in this Epp Maria Gallery Webpage Privacy Statement in the interests of OÜ Eppmaria. Personal data is not communicated to other persons unless there is a legal obligation to do so, it is in the interest of many visitors of www.eppmaria.ee or the need to communicate such data comes from the performance of the sale agreement(s).

Rules regulating the use of Epp Maria Gallery Webshop are provided in Epp Maria Gallery Webshop Sales Agreement Clauses. In addition to Epp Maria Gallery Webshop Sales Agreement Clauses Epp Maria Gallery Webpage Privacy Statement, Epp Maria Gallery Webpage Terms and Conditions of Use, and all other documents available from and regulating the use of www.eppmaria.ee apply to usage of Epp Maria Gallery Webshop and webpage.

OÜ Eppmaria reserves the right to update from time to time without notice to you any document regarding use of www.eppmaria.ee (incl. Webshop) to reflect amendments to legal acts, changes in services or recommendations and suggestions the users have submitted. Each such document includes a reference to a date of its most current amendment.

All contracts concluded through www.eppmaria.ee and all legal questions, claims and disputes are governed and will be interpreted in accordance with Estonian law as the dispute would be between two Estonian entities without any agreement on applicable law.
All disputes related to the use of the web page or services or goods received through the web page are settled by negotiations through customer support contacts of OÜ Eppmaria – phone +372 56 97 1276 (Wed – Fri from 12 to 16), e-mail klienditugi@eppmaria.ee.
In case negotiations fail Pärnu County Court (Pärnu Maakohus) Haapsalu Court House (Haapsalu kohtumaja) shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim or dispute which might arise out of or in connection with these documents and legal relations.